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How it works

Step1: You declare the willingness to help and sow into someones life by choosen any amount from our "DONATION PLAN RATE"
Step 2 : Click on JOIN or SIGN UP to register with us and fill full details as required in each field.
Step 3 : Kindly log in with your e mail and password you use to register.
Step 4:After you log in click MAKE DONATIONS TO PROVIDE HELP and after some minutes you will be merged to donate to a fellow member of TRUST DONOR within 48 HOURS
Step 4:After you might have "PROVIDED HELP " to another member,evidence of payment must be uploaded for the beneficiary to confirm you.And beneficiary must confirm the DONOR.
Step 5:After "PROVIDED HELP " to other members you will be confirmed by beneficiary.
Step 6:After "PROVIDED HELP " kindly wait for 15 days to "GET HELP" from other members of TRUSTDONOR by

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